MKG Madison Youth Martial Art Programs

Our mission statement and that of the entire MKG International Organization is to “Develop more functional and peaceful people for a more functional and peaceful world”. Our Kids Martial Arts Program is a first and foremost a tool! A tool to carry out that mission statement. Our goal is to partner with parents and teachers to develop our children into young leaders. Young people that could lead a more functional and peaceful future. Respect, Self Control, Confidence and Perseverance are our main tenets. These along with other topics are discussed in every class to ensure that we achieve that most important goal.

Developing More Functional and More Peaceful Young People, For A More Functional and Peaceful World.

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Why Choose MKG Madison for your child?

Here are just a few of the benefits that MKG Madison's Youth Martial Art Program can provide!

Developing Social Skills
Learning what respect is and how to show it one of the most important things that we can teach our children. Our definition of respect is, “Being thankful for who people are and what they do.” Students will learn how to show respect those that in Authority, for their peer and themselves. Just knowing how to respect the people around them will teach them how to interact with people in a positive way.

Improved Focus .
Martial Arts has always been a great source for mental discipline. Students will learn to control their minds focusing on paying attention to complex movements so that they will be about the recreate them in their practice. This skills will help student to carry their new found mental attention to other parts of their life; school, home and in other social settings

Improved Confidence
Student will develop new skill that they had previously though wasn’t possible. By continually breaking through those mental and physical barriers students very quickly realize that the have the ability to accomplish most anything they put their minds too. Our goal is to show how this confidence can be a part of every other aspect of their life, whether it is believing that they can get an A on their next test or the knowledge they have some tools to defend themselves if necessary.

Physical Fitness.
If you are like most families, you may have a hard time getting your child away from the “Screens” ( tv, computer, video games, phones). Martial arts training is a fun way to help young student realize that fitness can be fun and useful. Our classes are physically challenging and will develop important attribute like: Stamina, Strength, Speed, Balance, Agility, Just to name a few

Cognitive Fitness
Also our classes will be mentally challenging. Our classes also encourage cognitive development by teaching problem solving skills and using martial art drills the force the student to use both sides of their body equally, which in turn cause them to use both sides of their brain equally.  Even if things get get hard physically or frustrating mentally that they CAN DO IT, if the just never give up! Perseverance is the key

Cultural Awareness
I think we can all agree that part of being a positive member of our society is one of the main goals for our kids as parents. This includes understanding and respecting the differences and similarities of the people that surround us. The MKG Madison Kids Martial Program is a Multicultural Martial Art Program. The arts that we share come from several different cultural backgrounds.


Classes and Schedules

We understand that your schedule is busy, so there are 3 MKG Kids classes per week. We suggest that students attend at least 2 classes per week. You are free to chose any two days that work best for you. This way you can accommodate your busy schedule while still keeping up with the current curriculum.
MKG Littles (Ages 4-6)

Every Saturday – 9:00 – 9:30 am

The MKG Littles Program is designed to use fun martial arts drills and games to develop/improve basic physical motor skills.Balance, coordination strength and speed, just to name a few.Each class is also designed to encourage social skills such as attentive listening, following specific directions, understanding when or when not to talk/play and how to interact to others.These are important skills that young children will be using on a daily basis as they begin to enter into school environments.


MKG Kids (Ages 7-13)

Mondays - Wednesdays - Saturdays

Our MKG Kids curriculum uses techniques, drills and games from a variety of striking / grappling arts to develop a well rounded and fun martial arts training experience.We use these concepts to improve physical attributes such as balance, coordination, speed, strength, timing, sensitivity along with many other attributes. Each class uses this well rounded curriculum as a tool to teach the most important skills, Life Skills.Our tenets are Respect, Control, Confidence and Perseverance. These ideals are woven into the fabric of every class.

Beginner Classes Start Wednesday, September 3rd.

Beginners Class (No Belts / White Belts)(30 min)

Monday/Wednesday @ 4:00 pm  and Saturday @ 9:30 am

Intermediate Class (Yellow - High Green Belts) (45 min)

Monday/Wednesday @ 4:30 pm  and Saturday @ 9:30 am

Advanced Class (Blue - Black Belts) (45 min)

Monday/Wednesday @ 5:15 pm  and Saturday @ 9:30 am

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MKG Madison is a community the strives to guide and support the individual in their journey.
Using martial arts as a tool for Personal Discovery, Personal Development and Personal Expression. 
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