This Week at MKG Madison . . . April 23rd

Happy Monday


Thank you To Guro Anthony Sell

What a great turn out for the past weekend's Kali Staff Seminar present by Guro Anthony Sell. 

Thank you everyone for coming. We had visitors from all of the state and the Midwest. 

It was a fantastic seminar and everyone had fun and learned a lot from Guro Sell. 

Keep you eyes out for more workshops/seminars from Guro Sell and many others in the future!

Upcoming Events


MKG Madison Youth Programs Testing Week

Its that time again! Our MKG Kids are getting prepared to demonstrate all that they have learned over the last 4 months. Family and Friends are welcome to join in on the fun and cheer on their favorite little martial artists.

Monday - 5:15 pm Final Test Prep Class

Wednesday - 4:45 pm MKG Kids Testing (Scheduled to end at 6:15 pm)

Saturday - 9:30 am MKG Littles Testing (Scheduled to end at 10:30 am)

(No MKG Kids class is Saturday)


New Schedule Starting in May 7th

With the summer approaching and schedules starting to change, we are doing a bit of the same! If you have any issues with this new schedule contact us.


  • 4:30 pm - MKG Kids (60 mins)
  • 5:45 pm - Stick To It Fitness (45 mins)
  • 6:30 pm - NEW Filipino Martial Arts (90 mins)
    • 45 mins of Weaponry (Kali/Arnis/Escrima)
    • 45  mins of Empty Hands (Panantuka/Suntikan/Pangamot)


  • 8:30 am - NEW Filipino Martial Arts (60 mins)
  • 5:30 pm -  MKG Phase 1 (75 mins)
  • 7:00 pm - MKG Phase 2  (75 mins)


  • 4:30 pm - MKG Kids (60 mins)
  • 5:45 pm - Kickboxing Essentials (45 mins)
  • 6:30 pm - NEW MKG Mixed Grappling - Skills and Drills (60 mins)


  • 8:30 am - NEW Filipino Martial Arts (60 mins)
  • 5:30 pm -  MKG Phase 1 (75 mins)
  • 7:00 pm - MKG Phase 2  (75 mins)


  • We would love to offer classes on Friday if there is interest. Below is a short survey so that we can find out what you want! 
  • Survey Here


  • 9:30 am - MKG Littles (30 mins)
  • 10:00 am - MKG Kids (60 mins)
  • 11:15 pm - Jun Fan / JKD Concepts (60 mins)
  • 12:15 - 1:30 pm - MKG Phase 1/2 (75 mins)


If you have any friends that would like to check out MKG Madison stop by the desk for an Invite-Only Card for a 1 Week Free Pass.

This can only be given by a current student to a friend that is serious about beginning their martial arts journey! If they decide to join us and enroll for classes at MKG Madison you get FREE private lessons!

We look forward to seeing you all in classes this week! So get in here and get your reps in!

As always, we will be Training Safe, Training Hard and Having a ton of Fun!

Don’t miss out! See you at the gym!

Josh, Ruth and the MKG Staff