MKG New Students

Learn practical self-defense skills while you get in shape!

And make the most of your busy schedule!

There's So Many Reasons To Go To MKG!

We Couldn't Fit Them in a Headline, So We Made a Video

  • Train in comfortable workout attire
  • No previous Martial Arts necessary, classes for all experience levels
  • Free online tutorials
  • Become part of a wonderful community
  • This is the most fun you will have doing serious martial arts

A community of fun people that will hold you accountable and push you harder than you would on your own.


Check out what some of our students have to say.

“Strengthens the executive functions of brain”
– Dr. Podein

Meet Our Head Instructor

Joshua Prior

  • Started training martial arts as an adult in 1997
  • Instructor at The Blast Martial Arts and Fitness under Michael Vaughn (Madison, WI.) 2007- 2010
    • ¬†Adult Jeet Kune Do Program
    • Youth Programs
  • Blue Belt in BJJ under Michael Vaughn and Marcello Montiero since 2009
  • Instructor under Guro Rick Faye (Founder of the Minnesota Kali Group) since 2010
    • Currently Level 2
      • Kali / Panantukan / Jun Fan & JKD / MKG Thai Boxing / MKG Grappling
  • Co-Founded MKG International Martial Arts Madison (with his wife Ruth) in 2011
  • Apprentice Instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto (Best Friend and Training Partner of Bruce Lee) since 2014
    • Lee Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do
    • The Filipino Martial Arts
  • Self Defender Instructor under Guro Diana Rathborne (Rathborne Training) since 2017

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