Happy Monday!

As of February 3rd

Another Schedule Change . . . ?

Yes, but there are not as many changes as you would think. We tried a different way of approaching our Focus Classes and to be honest, it didn't work as well as we liked. So, we are adjusting.

Please  read the schedule to see if/how the changes effect your training schedule but, here are the highlights . . .

MKG Kids and Littles Changes

  • MKG Kids and Littles have not changed.

Foundations and Fitness Program Changes

  • Stick To It will begin at 5:15 pm to align with the Kickboxing Essential.

Phase Program Changes

  • The Phase 1 class has moved to 6:00 pm instead of 5:45 pm. Still right after S.T.I.
  • We have moved our Phase 2 class to Monday and Wednesdays at 7:00 pm (Same time, different days). We have also added a Saturday Phase 2 class at 11:30 pm

Focus Class Changes

We have consolidated the 2 options of each class back into one each week.

  • Panantukan and JKD will remain at their curren days and times. (6:00 pm Monday and Wednesday, respectively.)
  • Muay Thai has moved to Tuesdays at 7:15 pm (After Phase 1)
  • Kali Weaponry has moved to Thursdays at 7:15 pm (After Phase 1)
  • We have added a new class to Fridays MKG Drill Rounds at 5:15 - 6:15 pm

All changes will be in effect beginning February 3rd.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with the schedule changes. If you have any questions let us know.


We will be emptying the lost and found at the end of this week.

So, please check the it to see if any of the items are yours.

The lost and found box is the blue container against the wall, straight ahead as you enter the gym.

Anything left after classes on Saturday will be donated to Goodwill.

Thank you.

Last week at MKG Madison!

What did I miss?

Thank you everyone who came out for this month's deep dive into Single Dagger and Empty hands vs. Dagger. It was a great time and everyone did great.

Our next deep dive will be Saturday, March 21st. The reason we do not have a Deep Dive schedule for February is to encouarge you to make the trip up to Minneapolis to see Guro Dan Inosanto Feb 15th and 16th.

Click this link for more information!

March's topic has not yet been decided. If you have any suggestions of a topic that you would like to have a Deep Dive into feel free to email suggestion to with subject line "Deep Dive Suggestion". 

They are all gone . . .

Man, they went fast!

All of our used thai pads have been sold. The early warm definately got the worm this time. They were all gone by Tuesday evening.

We don't have any plans to replace any other equipment right now but, we will let you know if we do!

MKG Madison Youth Program

What's going on this week"


This unit we are talking about Respect.

What is respect? It kind of hard to define, so for us it means;

"Being thankful for the people in our lives and also being thankful for the things they do for us."

This week we will be taking specifically about Self Respect.

MKG Kids, what is the best way to show respect for yourself? I am sure there are many ways. We will talk about doing your best this week. If you are thankful for the gifts and talents you have, you should use them to the best of your ability. Whatever you do, whether it's at school, at home or in martial arts class, give 100% of your effort. Then no matter how well you do you know that you gave your all and that is something to be proud of! teachers, coaches and instructors.

Give it 100% of your effort, 100% of the time in everything you do!

Techniques of the week!

Techiques this week we will be focusing on Jun Fan Combinations, Pummeling and a crowd favorite the Ippon Seoi Nage (Single arm shoulder throw).  

MKG Madison Adult Programs

What's Happening in class this week?

Kickboxing Essentials

Week 3

Muay Thai / Thai Boxing

Fundamental 4 Counts - Long

Stick To It

Week 3

Mixing Methods

Abecedario and Kob Kob!

MKG Phase 1

Single Stick Drills - Tip Deflection Sets

Focus mitts

Single Direct Attacks and counters to the Cross and Hook

MKG Phase 2

Single Stick - Largo Mano Sumbrada

Focus Mitt Training - Countering the Jab

Midwest Events and Seminars

Click images for more information

Invite you friend to our February Intro to Martial Arts Workshops

Our last we small and a great success! It so awesome to meet some new faces and help them start (or continue) their martial arts journey with us at MKG Madison!

We offer these Free workshop every 2nd Saturday of the month. The next one is Saturday, February 8th!

So, if you have if you have any family, friends or coworkers that have expressed interest in what you are doing here at MKG Madison this is a great opportunity to show them.

Click below to get them registered!

Guro Dan Inosanto at MKG HQ in Mpls - Feb. 15th -16th

Rick Faye at MKG Chicago - Feb 29 - March 1

Highlight Reel for UK Camp 18'

Guro Rick back at MKG Madison

We are honored to have Guro Rick Faye back at MKG Madison!

April 25th and 26th

Click below to get registered!

(Register early and Save!)

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We look forward to seeing you all in classes this week! So get in here and get your reps in!

As always, we will be Training Safe, Training Hard and Having a ton of Fun!

Don’t miss out! See you at the gym!

Josh, Ruth and the MKG Staff