Happy Monday!

And . . . . We are back. Classes are back to normal this week!

Trey, James, John, Susan, Joe, Andrew and Kyle

Thank you so much for filling in for classes while Josh was away for the MKG International Branch Owners Conference and Summer Camp last week.

To all of our MKG Madison family, I hope that you had fun and were able to learn something new from these talented individuals.

Things will be back to normal . . . for this week.

MKG Kids and Littles Testing is this week!

MKG Kids, Are you ready?

Here is the Testing schedule for the week for August 12 - 17th

MKG Kids Intermediate Class: Monday, August 12th 4:30 - 6:00 pm

MKG Kids Advanced Class: Wednesday, August 14th at 4:30 - 6:00 pm 

MKG Littles Class: Saturday, August 17th: 9:00 - 10:00 am

On test days there will be no other MKG Kids/Littles Classes

Parents make sure to have your kids here early and ready to go before test time.

Respect Control Confidence Perseverance

That means kids should be at MKG Madison with all appropriate gear on/in place and warmed up before their designated test time.

MKG Kids and Littles Game Week August 18th - 24th

As always, Game Week will be the week after MKG Kids testing (August 18-24)

MKG Kids (Intermediate and Advanced) will have have class together Monday and Wednesday at 4:30 pm.

There will NOT be a 5:15 class

(For those parents that would like to stay for the Kickboxing Essentials at 5:15 pm there will be child care available.)

Saturday Classes (Littles and Kids) will not change. Game day will be during their regular class times.

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Facebook Check-In Challenge August 5th - 31st!


This one is simple!

Every time you come to MKG Madison for class check-in on Facebook.

You can check in before or after class. In your status share something fun like:

  • How much fun you had in class
  • Something interesting that you learned
  • How much you enjoyed working with your training partner.
  • or just a funny quote

Each Check-In is an entry into the raffle.

At the end of August, we will choose a winner at random.

They will win $80 worth of  credit towards equipment or apparel in MKG Madison Pro Shop.

So don't forget to check-in!

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Guro Diana Rathborne back at MKG Madison!

Sorry for the short notice, but you can't miss this!

We are honored to have Guro Diana Rathborne back!

Guro Diana is schedule to be in town for another event of the weekend, so I want to make sure that we get here back at MKG Madison.

We will be hosting Guro Diana for a martial art workshop!

(Let Guro Di do what she does best)!

Friday, August 16th

6:00 - 7:30 pm



MKG Madison Adult Classes

Get ahead of the game and see what we will be working on!

Kickboxing Essentials

We are in Week 6!

Wide Cover  with Knees and Elbows

Short Open 4 counts

Stick To it

Sinawali Drills  Drills - Sticks Cross your body AND each other!

6 ct Patterns

MKG Method - Phase 1

Single Stick Deflections

Sensitivity and Jun Fan Trapping Basics

Focus mitt Drilling!

MKG Method - Phase 2

Stick and Dagger - 1 - 4 - 4 Numerado with Kunsi/Agaw

Jun Fan  Multi - Directional Striking and Trapping.

with Joe and Kyle

What's next? New adult schedule for the fall and why.

So over that last few months, we have been talking to you about our classes and what you feel we could improve on.

What we have heard is  . . .What should I do next?

MKG Madison is intentionally to structured to allow for "Customized Training". This is the JKD Way. . .

  • Personal Discovery
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Expression

With that said some of the input the we have recieved is, some additional guidance would be helpful in your training.

To help everyone understand of the general progression of programs at MKG Madison, it goes a bit like this:

Foundations & Fitness Classes (Kickboxing Essentials and Stick To It)

These classes are designed to develop safe and confident training with common and foundational techniques. They are on a 6 week rotating curriuculm. You are encouraged to stay in these classes as long as your goals (and schedule) align with the design of the class. If at any point this changes we encourage you to branch out to Phase program .

MKG Method Phase Classes

This program is MKG International's signature mix that we have been proven to help you develop as well-rounded martial artist. There are 6 "Phases" within this program. That begin with the Mechanical Phase, all the way to the final phase the encourages you to do something positive with your expression of martial arts. We feel that you will get "The most bang for your buck" in the MKG Method Phase Program. During these classes, you will be introduced to several arts that may perk your interest for a deeper dive. That where our "Focus" classes come in.

Focus Classes

These are classes that meet once a week. Each class will allow for you to find out more about a specific art/system that you have interest in.

  • Filipino Weaponry - Kali
  • Filipino Boxing - Panantukan
  • Jun Fan/JKD Conepts
  • Thai Boxing/Muay Thai

Here you will be able to gain insight in the perspective those specific expressions of martial art.

To finally get to the point. . . 

We have learned the transition from the Foundations and Fitness Classes can be a bit intimidating.  Especially, from our Kickboxing Essentials classes. So . .

We are adding some classes that will help make the transition better.

After each Kickboxing Essentials Class there will be a new kickboxing class that will "Focus" only on the striking perspective of our focus classes. You will be able to get a great workout on the focus mitts/thai pads from a different perspective without the other aspects of the arts that may be intimidating.

Then after these classes there will be a class that will "Focus" on the study of the more detailed (and possibly intimidating) aspects of the arts, such as:

  • Close Quarters
  • Trapping
  • Sensitivity drills
  • Takedowns
  • Locks
  • Light glove work / Light Sparring

These changes are being made to provide are a more clear and seamless path of development for those that are looking for it.

You are NOT required to take these paths. As always, training of martial arts is an "Intensely Personal Persute - Bruce Lee". You are welcome to attend whatever classes that you have interest and/or work with your rhythm of life.

Below you will the new adult schedule break down. This will take effect as of Tuesday, September 3rd (the Tuesday after Labor Day)

Contact us with any questions. Thank you.


5:15 - Kickboxing Essentials

6:00 - Panantukan Focus Class - Kickboxing

7:00 - Panantukan Focus Class - Routes and Paths


5:00 - Stick To It

5:45 - MKG Method Phase 1

7:00 - MKG Method Phase 2


5:15 - Kickboxing Essentials

6:00 - Jun Fan / JKD Focus Class - Kickboxing

7:00 -Jun Fan / JKD Focus Class - Sensitivity and Connection


5:00 - Stick To It

5:45 - MKG Method Phase 1

7:00 - MKG Method Phase 2


5:15 - Kickboxing Essentials

6:00 - Muay Thai / Thai Boxing Focus Class - Kickboxing

7:00 -Muay Thai / Thai Boxing Focus Class - Strategies and Tactics



10:15 - Kali Weaponry Focus Class

11:15 - Cool Stuff Saturday Class

Upcoming Events!

Don't Miss Out!

Guro Dan Inosanto Seminar

Sept. 21st - 22nd at MKG MPLS

The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Guro Inosanto is the greatest living repository of martial arts information world wide. THE recognized global authority in Jeet Kune Do and in Kali, and a ranked grand master in countless arts. Guro Inosanto is Literally a living legend, and this is your chance to train with him. At 83 years old, he'll still make all of us look bad.

Are you new at MKG Madison? First of all, Welcome!

We encourage you to check out all of the classes we offer at MKG Madison!

Want to keep moving, but your in knots?

We are excited to be partnering with Amanda Reynolds of Peaceful Warrior Massage Therapy 

With this partnership, MKG Madison be able to provide more options to keep you healthy and moving at your best! Amanda is an excellent massage therapist that has experience in both Eastern and Western methods. She will be accepting clients at MKG Madison on Fridays only, beginning this week!

To schedule an appointment contact Amanda at (608) 571-7754 or by FB message (Click Here)

Mano Mano's New Summer Collection!

Mano Mano Apparel is made by martial artists for martial artists. 

Mano Mano has striking yet simple apparel that shares you passion for martial arts in style. 

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We look forward to seeing you all in classes this week! So get in here and get your reps in!

As always, we will be Training Safe, Training Hard and Having a ton of Fun!

Don’t miss out! See you at the gym!

Josh, Ruth and the MKG Staff