Monthly Newsletter - September 2021

Yikes . . . And we are back.

August was a busy month.

What a crazy month and it has all been great!

It started with traveling to my first seminar in over a 18 months. We went to see Guro Rick Faye at Northshore Academy of Martial Arts in Libertyville Il. It was great to get away and finally see Martial arts friends and family.

One weekend later our eldest son, Trey got married. We are super excited to welcome his wife, Allysha in to the family!

Then MKG Summer Camp in Minneapolis last weekend. More on that later.

Thank you for all of your patience with class changes and cancellations.

Annual MKG Summer Martial Arts Camp

Looking back and processing . . .

Recovering from an amazing weekend. Still processing everything. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures.

First of all, it was so great to see the MKG Family in the flesh, instead of in little boxes on a screen. I got finally meet friends that I have only known through zoom. I also met some new friends and got to help young people start their martial arts journey with MKG on the right foot. That is so rewarding by itself. It was so nice to see the fam! You guys rock!

Have you ever have something happen so cool that you never even thought to wish or dream for it? That also happened to me this weekend. I was asked to teach a 2-hour session at The MKG Summer Camp. Now, just for context, many of the people that I admire, respect, and look to for guidance I have met at this camp. Those same people have taught at this camp. Now, I had the opportunity to share my passion and perspective on the art with those same people. Crazy, right? What made it even more special is that some of the same people offered support, advice, and words of encouragement through our the whole session. Thank you. It was an amazing experience and I hope everyone had fun and maybe learned something.

You think that would be enough for one weekend, right? Well, it didn’t stop there. At the closing of camp on Sunday, several campers received promotions. I was so proud to see everyone stand and receive their new certificates for all of the hard work. Then my name was called along with Steffan Hruby. (Who is someone the first day I walked into MKG.) We earned Level 3 instructors certification within the MKG International Organization. I did all I could to hold in my emotion. It is such an honor.

Special thanks to Mitchell and Ez for making the trip and being such great ambassadors for MKG International Martial Arts Madison.

Thank you to Sifu Rick Faye for nurturing and growing the MKG family. Thank you for welcoming me so long ago and supporting my journey all of this time.
Lastly thank you Ruth, my wife, for always believe in my dreams and support every step along the way. I love you.

I know this was an exceptionally long post. It was needed to be able to express how thankful I am. And honestly, I am not even sure I have done it justice.

Special Offer for Returning Students!

Welcome Back, Alumni.

If you were a student with us before the pandemic and we would love to have you back. There is no pressure. Things may have changed for you over the last year, but I wanted you to know that you are missed and I would love to have you train with us again. To welcome you back to MKG Madison, we would love to extend a special offer.

When you re-enroll with one of our membership options:

  • We will lock in your Pre Pandemic membership prices!
  • And your first month is FREE!

Let us know if you're ready to get back on the mats!

MKG Madison Apparel Pre Order - September 1st - 14th

We are putting in a large apparel order in September 14th. So, this will be your only opportunity for a while to get custom colors for your MKG Madison apparel.

We are ordering:

  • TriBlend Tshirts
  • TriBlend Light Hoodies
  • Pullover Hoodie
  • Zipper Hoodies

Each has several colors and sizes available. Although, I can guarantee that we will be able to get you exactly what you want, we will do our best.

Also with all of the supply chain issues that are happening due to Covid it could take up to 4 weeks after we put in the order for our items to arrive. We can hope for sooner, but this is what we were told to expect!

You can email us the style, sizes, and colors that you would like or stop by the desk before classes for additional help.

Apparel requests must be in and paid for by no later than Wednesday, September 14th.

MKG Madison

will be closed

Monday, September 6th

in observance of Labor Day

Free Workshop - Intro to the MKG Martial Arts Method!

New Students Welcome!

September 18th 1-2:30pm

Only 12 Spots are Available!

No Fees, No Hassle, No Annoying Sales Pitch
This FREE 90-min adult class is your chance to learn and try your hand at basic techniques and drills under the guidance of head instructor Josh Prior, and/or other MKG team members, in an environment that is welcoming, measured, and fun!

FREE Introductory Class covering basic strikes, defensive structures, footwork, and basic conditioning
We will provide everything you need! Just come in some comfortable clothes and be ready for a fun workout!
Learn about some very special offers, exclusively for those that attend this Free Workshop!

Find out what makes this event, and our welcoming MKG community, one of the most unique fitness and self-defense programs in the Madison Area!

Upcoming Special Events

Seminar, Events and Class Cancelations

Chicago Jeet Kune Do Summit

Join us in training with the top Jeet Kune Do Instructors in Chicago!
When: October 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2021 - 10:00am-5:00pm each day
Cost: $199
18 hours of training/Event T-shirt/Access to recorded event/Completion certificate
Joe Goytia - Jeet Kune Do \ Grappling
Marc Halleck - Jeet Kune Do \ Silat
Tim Tokarz - Jeet Kune Do \ Muay Thai
Randy Siordia - Jeet Kune Do \ Kali

We look forward to seeing you all in classes this week! So get in here and get your reps in!

As always, we will be Training Safe, Training Hard and Having a ton of Fun!

Don’t miss out! See you at the gym!

Josh, Ruth and the MKG Staff