Monthly Newsletter - October 2021

Fall is finally here!

September went fast!

Fall is here. The weather is starting to cool down, which makes excellent training weather.

September is also a time where schedules change and settling from the fun and travelling of summer to a more regular rhythm.

So, as we setting to this new season make sure that you set a consistent training schedule. To achieve your goals, whatever they are, it takes consistency. Although, it could be easy to relax and enjoy these fall evenings,  remember to strive for your goals. We make it easy to do both. It is warm enough to keep our doors open and let that wonderful fall weather into the gym while we train.

See you on the mats!

Welcome New Students!

Free Introduction to the MKG Method Workshop

After almost 2 years of waiting, we finally had another Free Introduction to the MKG Method workshop.

These workshops are meant to share our passion for martial arts. We open our gym and invite people to a free class that highlights the MKG Method of learning and development in martial arts.

Thank you to Tawny, Joe, Mitch, and Marty for volunteering your time to share your passion and help our guests.

Welcome to Erin, Brien, and Matt.

Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new! We are so glad you joined us and we hope you had fun.

It is awesome that you all chose to continue training with us!

I apologize for not getting any pictures. I was just having so much fun!

MKG Madison Apparel is coming!

Thanks for all of the pre-orders

Thank you for all of your patience in waiting for the apparel order to come in.

I made contact with our vendor late last week and his hope is that everything will be shipped this week! 

So keep your eye out for your preorder. It will be here soon! 

Possible Schedule Changes Upcoming

As many of you know, we are having a second wedding in our family in 3 months. Our second son is getting married at the end of October. Their wedding will be in California.

That means that we may have to make some temporary schedule changes while we are gone. We do not have any definite changes yet. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to do get as much of the classes covered while I am gone. As we get things hammered out we will be let you know.

These changes will be temporary. thank you for your patience.

Upcoming Special Events

Seminar, Events and Class Cancelations

Sifu Francis Fong Seminar

Nov 6-7 at MKG Minneapolis

MKG International Headquarters is very pleased to have Sifu Francis Fong back for a 2-day seminar focused on Wing Chun Kung Fu as it relates to Jeet Kune Do and Kali.
As a full senior instructor with Guro Dan Inosanto in both Kali and Jun Fan Martial arts (all of this is in addition to being one of the best Kung Fu practitioners in the world), Sifu Francis is uniquely suited to show the overlap in... well... everything.
Click below for registration information.

We look forward to seeing you all in classes this week! So get in here and get your reps in!

As always, we will be Training Safe, Training Hard and Having a ton of Fun!

Don’t miss out! See you at the gym!

Josh, Ruth and the MKG Staff