MKG Madison Adult Martial Art Programs

MKG Madison offers one of the most diverse adult martial arts experiences in the Madison Area. We have classes for every fitness and experience level, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran. There 3 different adult programs and each program is offers unique training opportunities. Foundations & Fitness Program - MKG’s Signature Martial Art Method – THE PHASE PROGRAM - Focus Classes. Our programs are designed to help you to focus on your personal goals. Whether you are looking to get into better shape, blow off some steam from work, learn how to protect yourself & your family. MKG Madison can help you get there.

We are commited to your health and safety

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Foundations and Fitness Classes

Classes that are great of any experience level, BUT specifically designed for new members to develop fundamental concepts and techniques that will help them build confidence on the their new martial art journey.

Kickboxing Essentials

Monday at 5:oo pm

(In-Person and Zoom Classes)

(During Covid 19 Restrictions)

Looking for a quick and great workout?
Kickboxing Essentials is for you!  In this class, students will learn how to correctly perform techniques from several different striking styles (Muay Thai, Jun Fan Kickboxing, Panantukan to mention a few). Learning the correct way that will keep you injury-free while you work hard and get in shape! During this class, you will also become a great training partner by learning how to safely and effectively use many different types of training equipment.  You will sweat and smile throughout the entire class. Check it out!

Stick To It Fitness

Wednesday at 5:00 pm

(In-Person and Zoom Classes)

(During Covid 19 Restrictions)

This 45 min class uses fundamental concepts from the Filipino Martial Arts or Kali to develop and improve your overall physical fitness, improve balance and coordination and also help to improve cognitive function of the brain. The double stick drills of Kali have been proven to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain by having a heavy emphasis on bilateral motion, or using both sides of the body!

MKG Signature Martial Art Method - The Phase Program

THE PHASE PROGRAM is MKG International’s Signature Integrated Martial Art Method. Classes are fun and high-energy. You will improve your fitness, self-discipline, coordination and self defense capabilities while you relieve stress and develop a cultural appreciation. The Phase program introduces you to many perspectives of martial art, such as; Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kali -Panantukan, Kali – Weaponry, Grappling (BJJ and CSW), Silat and Jun Fan/JKD Concepts. You will learn how each art is different and more importantly how they work together.

MKG Phase 1

Tuesday at 6 pm

(In-Person and Zoom Classes)

(During Covid 19 Restrictions)

Phase One is our most popular class and is the foundation of the MKG Method.  Muay Thai, JKD Kickboxing, and Filipino Weaponry and Mobility are cross-trained, with a heavy emphasis on developing quality body mechanics, basic self defense tools, and solid cardio conditioning. These attributes are essential for developing a well-rounded foundation to any martial art training.

MKG Phase 2

Thursday at 6:00 pm

(In-Person and Zoom Classes)

(During Covid 19 Restrictions)

(Passing Phase 1 tests 1-3 are required to join this class)

Basic grappling, weapon defense, and close-range tactics are added to your Phase One foundation. These concepts will further your ability to internalize and implement your art as needed. In addition to expanding your understanding of the arts you are introduced to in Phase One, you will learn elements of Panantukan, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Shoot Wrestling, Combat Submission Wrestling, Indonesian Silat, and Wing Chun Kung Fu. Exciting and challenging, this class is a group favorite.

Focus Classes

Focus Classes are classes that allow the student to dive deeper into a specific area of study. Students will learn more about the culture and context in which each of these arts were created and developed.

All Focus Classes have been suspended.

These classes will return after Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.


Panantukan: Filipino Boxing  -  6 pm (60 mins)

Develop the ability to deploy the creative striking that Filipino boxing is known for!Use almost any part of your body as a tool to strike any part of the opponent’s body. Always a group favorite, MKG Dirty Boxing is one of the most unique martial art training experiences in the Madison area.

Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) has applications that can be a benefit for those interested in fitness, self defense and even the combat athlete. During this class students will get a great workout while striking focus mitts with unique techniques and perspective of Panantukan.

Panantukan: Routes and Paths - 7 pm (60 mins)

Several of the other empty hands aspects of the art focus on connectivity and sensitivity. In this class, students will learn the Filipino perspective on moving around, with and through the barriers of close quarters combat. This class will be primarily "hands-on". Training will include sensitivity drills, trapping, joint manipulations, sweeps and takedowns.

CLICK HERE for more info about this wonderful art. 


Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do: Kickboxing - 6 pm (60 mins)

Jun Fan Martial Arts \  JKD concepts explores the art that Bruce Lee left behind. This exciting striking program combines elements of Boxing, French Savate Kickboxing, Chinese Wing Chun, and other elements of MMA striking in a single session that will have you feeling fit, developing functional athleticism, and learning genuine tools and tactics for self defense.

Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do: Trapping and Sensitiviy - 7 pm (60 mins)

This in-depth technical class focuses on how Jun Fan JKD can develop your body and mind’s natural coordination, rhythm, timing, awareness and sensitivity. Students will do a deep dive into drills that focus on connectedness; concepts like trapping, locking, takedowns and ground fighting. This class is must for anyone looking to develop their Close Quarters training.

CLICK HERE for more info about this wonderful art. 


Muay Thai - Thai Boxing: Conditioning - 6 pm (60 mins)

Learn the Combat Sport of Muay Thai!  Also called "Thai Boxing," Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, and arguably the most popular style of real kickboxing in the world today. Our Thai Boxing Conditioning classes are a legendary way to push yourself into the best shape of your life, working with a training partner to help one another develop the legs, lungs, core, and cardio base necessary to be a holistic and healthy martial artist. Training is done safely on pads or in cooperative partner drills. These classes are appropriate for anyone looking to learn basic and intermediate Thai Boxing skills.

Muay Thai - Thai Boxing: Tactics and Strategies - 7 pm (60 mins)

The Tactics and Strategies class will take your Thai boxing training to the next level. Those that are interested in the competitive side of the Thai boxing will benefit greatly from this class. Glove drills, Clinching and Light Timing sparring are a staple of this class. If you would like to take the next step and test your skill in a safe, controlled learning enviorment this class is what you looking for.

There are some extra equipment requirements for this class:

  • Mouth guard
  • Groin protection
  • Hand Wraps
  • Sparring Gloves ( 16 0z and up)
  • Shin Guards

(If have some this on hand in our pro shop and if not we would happy to order it.)


Kali/Escrima/Arnis (Filipino Weaponry) - 10:15 am (60 mins)

This class safely utilizes weaponry (sticks, short and long blades [blunt training tools], and impact weapons) and mobility training to improve your reflexes, cognitive function, and ability to defend yourself and your loved ones. The indigenous arts of the Philippines are among the most sought-out practices around the world for training in bladed conflict and high-level skill development, with a reputation as well for neural-based teaching strategies. Exciting drills and patterns creatively teach you the various speeds, distances, and tools of simulated combat, while dramatically improving your familiarization with targets and weapons of opportunity.

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This may be the most fun you will have doing serious martial arts!

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