MKG International Organization

MKG International Organization

MKG Martial Arts Organization has schools all over the US and all over the world.

Head Instructor Joshua Prior and the staff of MKG International Martial Arts Madison are proud to be branch of Rick Faye’s internationally renown Minnesota Kali Group (MKG) based in Minneapolis Minnesota. (Est. 1982)

The Founder of MKG, Guro Rick Faye,  has developed a method that emphasizes an easy-going, non-traditional, recreational approach to martial art that you will find through out the whole organization. 

All MKG Instructors within organization act as guides, not “masters” , to provide a unique atmosphere that encourages personal discovery and personal development.

Check out some of the other MKG Branch Schools:

The Minnesota Kali Group – MKG MPLS (“MKG Home Branch” in Minneapolis, MN)
MKG International: Duluth – Drake Ritchie (Duluth, MN)
MKG North – Peter Kwong (New Brighton, MN)
MKG Detroit – Kurt Cornwell (Detroit, MI)
MKG Cleveland – David Hearst (Cleveland, OH)
MKG Chicago  – Marcus Charles (Chicago, Ill)
MKG Kansas City – Ty Campos (Kansas City, Kansas)
MKG Seattle Andy Wilson (Seattle, WA)
MKG UK Brendan Westwood (Bournemouth, England)
MKG UK Southampton Aaron Davis (Southampton, England)
 MKG Hertfordshire  Gary Hoptroff (Borehamwood, England)
 MC Kali Group  Mel Corrigan (Wigan, England)
MKG Coventry Al Peasland and Mick Tully (Coming Soon)

If you find yourself in any of these areas, make sure to stop in and say, “Hello!”