You’ve thought about it before, but for whatever reason(s), you just have put it off. It’s time to make good on investing in yourself and your own personal protection.diana and harley


“I’m so glad I took this class! I was hesitant to do it, but now, I wish I’d done it sooner. Diana is an excellent instructor who makes you feel comfortable and empowered.” 


Women’s Self Defense Seminar

October 14th – 10:00 am – 2:30 pm

With Guro Diana Rathborne

This seminar is exclusively for the ladies! Diana will take you through a proactive and engaging look at various aspects of you personal safety. 

You will learn how to avoid potentionally bad situations and what to do if you can’t. With discussions and hands on activities, Diana will present concepts and techniques that are easy to follow, remember and utilize.

One of the top female martial arts instructors in the country, Guro Diana Rathborne has been empowering women with her informative self defense seminars for almost 20 years.

Self Defense – Diana Short from MKG International on Vimeo.


I was blown away last year, Diana knows her stuff! “Personal safety and security in our homes, schools and lives has become more important in recent times than ever before. With all the martial arts and kickboxing I have taken throughout the years, I have never felt like I had control or the upper hand, so to speak, in dangerous situations. Now I feel prepared, reassured, knowledgeable and strong. I wish every woman in the world could attend Diana’s seminar and that they bring their friends, daughters, sisters and their mothers too. It is easy to learn, easy to remember, and it works. You walk away with very useful self defense skills and it is empowering knowing that I feel like I can use what I learned anytime, anywhere to protect myself and my loved ones.” – Anne Bender



This event will be a great fit for you IF …

  • You would love to feel more CONFIDENT in yourself by learning effective tools to defend yourself
  • You have a daughter(s) or young lady you care about who you think a class like this would be very beneficial . (Make sure you do it together! You can save $40! See offer below)
  • You’ve been thinking it would be a good idea to take a self-defense class with some FRIENDS and/or CO-WORKERS. 
  • You have taken a self-defense class before, but would to BUILD on your current knowledge! 


“I’m really glad I brought my girls! This was worth every dime! Diane and her staff were very helpful, patient and encouraging. I’m hoping to bring my co-workers back to the next one. – Jelene Gilmore


Interested, but have some questions?

  • I think this good for me, but I’m a bit nervous about doing it. We completely understand.  Rest assured that Guro Diana is very good at making you feel welcome and empowered no matter what your reservations may be.
  • Will I get the hit and kick things? YES! A large part of the seminar is hands on. It can be a great stress reliever!
  • Where does this take place? At MKG International Martial Arts Madison. MKG Madison is a clean and safe martial arts facility that will provide everything that you will need for this experience.
  • Unfortunately, I can’t make this one. Are there other opportunities like this? Yes, MKG Madison does offer periodic and even private workshops for groups. But unfortunately, we only have Guro Diana Rathborne once a year.
  • I have some other questions. Who can I contact? We would be happy to anwser any questions that you may have. Contact MKG International Martial Arts Madison by . . .

Email – mkgmadison@gmail.com

Phone – 608.222.0377

or our Facebook Page HERE 


Registration is VERY LIMITED. INVEST IN YOURSELF with unique & memorable seminar – ONLY $60


Register yourself and a friend and SAVE $40


register now

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