Youth Martial Arts Program

MKG Madison’s Martial Arts Youth Programs (Ages 4-13)

Our Youth Martial Arts Program is a first and foremost a tool!
A tool to carry out our mission statement.

“Developing more functional and peaceful people for a more functional and peaceful world”.  

Our goal is to partner with parents and teachers to develop this our children into young leaders. Young people that could lead a more functional and peaceful future.

Respect, Self Control, Confidence and Perseverance, our main tenets, along with other topics are discussed in every class. To ensure that we achieve that most important goal.

MKG Littles Program

(Ages 4 to 6)

Saturdays at 9:30 am

littlesThe MKG Littles Program is designed to use fun martial arts drills and games to develop/improve basic physical motor skills.Balance, coordination strength and speed, just to name a few.

Each class is also designed to encourage social skills such as attentive listening, following specific directions, understanding when or when not to talk/play and how to interact to others.

These are important skills that young children will be using on a daily basis as they begin to enter into school environments.


MKG Kids Martial Arts Program

(Ages 7 to 13)

Monday / Wednesday at 5:00 pm and Saturday at 10:00 am

MKG Kids Youth Martial ArtsThe MKG Kids Martial Arts Program is our signature youth program.  

Our curriculum uses techniques, drills and games from a variety of striking / grappling arts to develop a well rounded and fun martial arts training experience.

We use these concepts to  improve physical attributes such as balance, coordination, speed, strength, timing, sensitivity along with many other attributes. Each class uses this well rounded curriculum as a tool to teach the most important skills, Life Skills.

Our tenets are Respect, Control, Confidence and Perseverance. These ideals are woven into the fabric of every class.


Respect – Control – Confidence – Perseverance

I am a MKG KID!